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DMJ’s Health Benefit Outsource Program

Saving your company time, money, and the hassle of state and federal compliance!

Benefit Solutions Worth Your Time

DMJ Insurance Services provides a unique “outsource solution” for companies. It’s called our Health Benefit Outsource Program. The key benefits fall into three powerful categories:

  1. We save your HR and employees time
  2. We save company money
  3. We are experts in state and federal compliance, so you don’t have to be.
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Saving Time

The administration of a health benefit program takes time, plain and simple. Things like tracking down employees to fill out applications, processing those applications and sending them to carriers, terminating and on-boarding employees, COBRA transactions and child support order all take time. At best these take your HR personnel away from other mission-critical job duties, and often slow down day-to-day operations. And at worst, not knowing procedures or having to learn new ones take even more time, and add to the frustrations of HR personnel and employees alike.

The answer is simple: Let us do it for you.

At DMJ Insurance services, we have created a program specifically to reduce the time and energy your team is spending administrating your health benefits program. This is our Health Benefit Outsource Program.

We’re experts in administration. We use the very latest in advanced software and systems that allow us to do the work for you, in a timely fashion, in a thorough and complete way, all the way down to electronic filing and transfer of materials.

And best of all, there is no additional cost for any of our outsourcing services!

Saving Money

There is either a direct cost or an indirect cost (or both) to perform administration of a health benefits program. Your company is likely paying an hourly rate or a salary to a person to accomplish the many tasks required. And indirectly, this is time away from other things they could be doing, like dealing with the many other tasks required of your human resources department.

Now, imagine your HR department is relieved of those tasks. Their time is freed up to do focus on more mission-critical tasks. And, since they are not spending countless hours learning health benefits policies and procedures, you’re not spending precious resources (money) when you don’t have to.

Our “outsource solution” costs your company nothing!

It’s a part of the service we provide. We’re experts in health benefits administration, and we’ve invested significantly into software and technology that allows us to provide better administration service, we can do it faster, and as experts in state and federal compliance, you can count on us to do it right!

Compliance Confidence

We live and breathe health benefits administration. We have been active at both the state and federal levels in all types of regulation and compliance. This includes things such as COBRA, court-related orders such as child and spousal support, filing ACA forms, Department of Labor notices, IRS filings, and many other challenging regulations and compliance matters.

Rather than expecting your HR personnel to constantly train and update their knowledge and skills, why not outsource the work to experts at DMJ Insurance Services? It’s no additional cost!

Our team can deliver turn-key operations, relieving your team of the time and pressure of maintaining compliant records, as well as state and federal compliance filings.

All of this service comes to your company at no additional cost. As your broker, we do it all. It’s just that simple.