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Don’t waste time and money, DMJ takes care of all your company’s health benefit administration.

When your car breaks down, you don’t call Ford. You call the dealership where you bought the car. When a new pair of shoes doesn’t fit right, you don’t call Florsheim. You go back to the shoe store where you bought them.
Unfortunately, when most HR departments have a health benefits questions or issues, they contact the insurance company. They get caught in a maze of voicemail, messages, and runaround.

Let your broker handle the questions and issues!

Wouldn’t it be easier to hand questions and issues off to your broker? Let your HR team spend time on other HR issues.
That’s the beauty of the DMJ Health Benefit Outsource Program. We take the time, hassle, and challenges off your HR department’s plate so they can work on other things. We’re experts in health benefits, so we know who to call to get thing done. We know the process inside and out, and we have created a powerful team and technology infrastructure to take care of client health benefits quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, we do this at no additional cost to your company!

You spend a lot of your company’s money providing health benefits. Don’t spend your precious and valuable time doing your broker’s work for them. At DMJ Services, we handle ALL health benefits administration for you. Your company and HR department saves time, money, and doesn’t have the hassle of figuring out who to call or what to do. We’re experts in health benefits administration, so you don’t have to be.