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Beginning January 1, 2024, the amount of paid sick leave employers must provide their workers will be increasing by two days under the state’s paid sick leave (PSL) law.

This bill, SB-616, was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on October 4, 2023.

Current California Paid Sick Leave Requirements

Listed below, you’ll find the current main mandates of the California Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act.
  • 24 hours (three days) per year of paid sick leave to each California employee who has worked for their employer for 30 days.
  • Accrual of one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Employers may use an accrual rate that results in 24 hours of leave by the 120th calendar day of employment or in each year or 12-month period. Employers may also frontload the full amount of PSL at the beginning of each year of employment, calendar year or 12-month period.
  • Carryover of 48 hours of accrued paid sick leave to the following year.
  • Permitted use of paid sick leave on the 90th day of employment.

SB-616 Amendments for 2024

  • This new law increases the paid sick leave requirement up to 40 hours (five days) per year instead of 24 hours (three days). However, the accrual rate remains the same.
  • The alternate form of accrual now also has an addition requirement: Employers must provide at least 40 hours of paid sick leave by the 200th calendar day of employment (or in each year or 12-month period).
  • Employers choosing to frontload leave must frontload 40 hours of paid sick leave.
  • Caps on paid sick leave carryover and use of PSL are also affected by the amendments. Employers are now required to allow employees to carry over 80 hours of paid sick leave into the next year and annual use is capped at 40 hours.
  • Employers are now required to allow collectively bargained employees to use sick time for reasons permitted by law.
Employers can prepare for this new law by reviewing their current paid sick leave policies and revising them to meet the new requirements of SB-616 that will take effect on January 1, 2024.

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