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DMJ Insurance Services

Saving your company time, money, and the hassle of state and federal compliance!

Saving Your Company Time

DMJ Insurance Services provides complete turn-key health benefits administration services for your company and employees. This means more time for your HR department to work on their daily mission-critical tasks. And thanks to our decades of experience and state-of-the-art software and technologies, when your employees have questions or issues, we can handle them. This means that your HR team doesn’t have to! Check out our Health Benefit Outsource Program.

Watch our video to learn more about our Health Benefit Outsource Program.

Saving Your Company Money

Time spent by your HR Department handling the administration, paperwork and problems of employees’ health benefits issues comes at a cost to your company. It’s time away from other critical work, not to mention the time employees spend trying to figure things out. We are health benefits administration experts. We can give your HR personnel back their time, saving your company money. And because we do this day in and day out, chances are we can handle your employees questions and issues quickly. That means they can spend more time working and less time worrying about their health benefits.

Compliance with Confidence

Let’s face it, compliance isn’t fun. It takes time, knowledge, and constant updating. We’re experts in the field, and we have decades of compliance experience, from COBRA to IRS to Department of Labor to Affordable Care Act filings. Through our investment in state of the art technology and systems, our filings are fast and accurate, and typically filed electronically. You have complete access to all the actions and information, without the challenges and pressures of dealing with multiple government entities.

More Benefits For Our Clients

DMJ Insurance Services is a one-stop call center for all employee and employer insurance needs including:

  • COBRA Issues
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Claim Issues
  • Referrals to Specialists
  • ID Cards
  • RX Problems
  • Other Issues Requiring Administrative Support

As your Insurance and Employee Benefits Coach, we have the answers you need (or can easily get them) so that you don’t have to spend valuable time on hold.

DMJ is constantly in-tune with current state and federal legislation, educating our clients with live trainings on upcoming healthcare reforms. By guiding our clients on their responsibilities, such as medical leaves, we serve as an extension to your HR department saving you from hefty fines and possible employee litigation by ensuring you are compliant. Marrying our skills with our clients’ needs and requirements is a timely and valuable capability that many insurance brokers do not offer.

Benefit Plans for Our Client’s Budget

Choosing employee benefit plans that meet employers’ budgetary needs, while also covering the needs of your employees, is a breeze when you have the expertise of DMJ Insurance Services working with you. 

 Our extensive expertise helps companies stay compliant while also improving employees’ experience with their benefits. We offer training, technology and the execution to put it all together. The end result is happier employees who reap the full benefits available to them under the plan that works best for their employer’s budget. Companies also receive ongoing follow-up on a continual basis. Clients never have to spend unproductive time on the phone trying to resolve problems on their own as customers’ needs are of the highest priority.

With DMJ Insurance Services, it’s a win-win situation every time!

“My experience of working with DMJ Insurance has been exceptional! They are proactive, available, and responsive to all of our inquiries providing valuable information and knowledge about the ever-changing health insurance industry.”

Daisha Segura, Payroll & Benefits Administrator, DONOR SERVICES GROUP

“Over the years, Don Jones has kept us apprised of any new laws and changes in the insurance industry, helping us to understand what may best suit our company’s needs. Whether it’s training our employees on their health and dental insurance or answering their questions, Don’s team provides a personal touch that makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

Karin Sandnes, HR/Risk Management Director, MR. STAX INC.

“From time to time, our clients have had issues with the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, and other health care options. Don and his team have been extremely helpful in giving our clients options, explaining regulations, and being available to talk to our employees. As an HR consulting firm, it is comforting to know that Don is both knowledgeable about HR compliance and sensitive when discussing areas of concern with the employees.”

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